Real time data means more time at the face.

Real time data means more time at the face.

Plexus PowerNet™

Plexus PowerNet

The first gigabit network providing both data and power using coaxial cable.

Enabling the Digital Mine Starts with Connectivity to the Face.

The Digital Mine is founded on the use of critical data to increase production, reduce costs and enhance worker safety. Most often, underground mines choose fibre optic cable as the means to extend connectivity from the level out to the working areas. In addition a separate power cable is required for the wireless access points.

Fibre presents a number of challenges to the underground mining industry. Terminating fibre underground is difficult, time consuming and requires expensive specialized training, which is frequently, the biggest contributing factor limiting the advance of connectivity. These types of delays inhibit the agility and pace needed to enable the Digital Mine and bring communications to the face.

Identifying the mining industry’s growing demand for real-time data, Maestro Digital Mine works with mining companies around the world to address the challenges associated with traditional communication backbone solutions (broadband and fibre). The Plexus PowerNet™ system quickly extends communications using existing infrastructure to where it is needed.

Plexus PowerNet™ delivers a high speed, low latency digital communication network that provides PoE+ power to Wireless Access Points (WAPs), cameras and any other IP based device. The system eliminates the need for costly outside fiber optic contractors and can be installed and maintained by any internal tradesperson.

Accelerate the time to connectivity by making the complex, simple with the Plexus PowerNet™

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FanVibe Model Number Matrix Overview

FanVibe Model Number Matrix Overview
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