Image of the Superbrite Marquee Display

A new and improved air quality monitoring system developed by startup Maestro Ventilation in Sudbury is already in 40 mines around the world after being on the market for just one year.

The product, Maestro Airflow, collects real-time air quality data and diagnostics from airflow and gas sensors throughout a mine at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems.

Partners Dave Ballantyne of Enfinitiy Inc. and Mike Gribbons ofSynergy Controls pooled their technology and marketing expertise to make it happen.

“We met at a restaurant over lunch to catch up with each other and Dave told me he came up with this really cool way of measuring airflow underground,” recalled Gribbons. “You plug it in directly to a network switch. I said ‘What about the PLCs and all of the other infrastructure.’ He said you don’t need any of it.

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